Mac Mac 2021 in the Bag

The 2021 Pilgrim event is in the Bag. What an awesome experience!!!!

We had the the time of our lives with our trail family over Mac Mac week. SA’s first 200Miler dusted and records getting smashed on the other distances.

Lots of partying at checkpoints and even sharing a tear or two on the finish line.

Quoting some of these super humans might be the easiest way to share the experience.

Ruan van der Merwe – 200mile winner

“Winning the first 200miler in South Africa!
No better way to sign off my chapter in SA, than running through one of the most beautiful areas the country has to offer at MAC MAC ULTRA.

A 200 miler is not a race you go to, to find yourself, you must know yourself pretty well before entering, it is not a race to do, just to tick of the bucket list, it is something that will define your bucket list.”

Nicky Booyens – 200mile ladies winner


What a magical race running 200miles nonstop across some of the finest trails SA has to offer

Sabie to Pilgrims rest via the Fanie Botha and Prospectus hiking trails and all again in reverse was simply mind blowing. One forgets how beautiful and spectacular these trails are, as well as how freaking tough they can be. And when the rains came, it made it a whole lot more challenging, especially Touwe Woud that became a snotty slippery nightmare – that was an all 5 “hands” on deck situation going down there at the end – bum, feet and hands all on the ground at the same time.

I cannot wait for MacMac 2022…which ever distance you throw at us! #IWouldWalk500miles”

Tobie Reyneke – Finishing 100miler #90

“Running on thick layers of bronze brown malva pudding coloured soft pine needle carpets, between OCD pleasing regiments of plantation tree soldiers, one can be forgiven a little Alice in Wonderland sprinkled imagination. Slowly the bright red orange flaming aloes comes alive as huge slime green dragons with fierce eyes breathing fire onto scorched popcorn boulders. The three quarter soft white cratered moon balanced on top of a black saw teeth tree line, guiding you into the windy and cold night. In the darkness around you smoking wild horse nostril sounds pierce the silence of your ears. Behind you lies the soft green velvet covered fairy forest of Blackhill. A magical place where indigenous forest still protects things so special that they go by names such as Beautiful and Amazing. A place were little streams and waterfalls makes you want to stand still like a tree and listen to their songs. Where the arms of trees are covered in curly green hair and the most extraordinary orange, yellow and white mushrooms grow in the folds of their curvy and bent forms. A path that will lead you over and past ever challenging mountains and growling waterfalls. Places where you can get lost or lose yourself. Travelling on foot from warm shelter to the next where you can ask for syrup on you Bovril sandwich while stocking up on food, drink and friendly best wishes. You make your way to the last river crossing at Merry Pebbles, where people await the end of your tired and sleep deprived journey. A place where Maretha, Eloff and Frikkie awaits your arrival with the warmth of food, blankets, a medal, fire, a chair and the promise of a shiny memory filled Mac Mac 100 mile buckle. A prize giving where you share the joy and happiness of all. Between friends and family, where you are still an adventurer and a hero whether you make it to the finish line or not. We carry each other like the chinese shepherd Zhu Keming that saved six stricken ultrarunners during an ultramarathon in China where 21 other competitors died this weekend. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things together by helping each other with love, compassion and kindness.
This is a story to be lived, not told, so load the gpx file and pack a bit of fear and love for the long road, bring some friends and meet me at the gunshot start line in 2022.”

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